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Why advertise in Lazo Cultural?

Our editorial content is written by recognized writers and columnists from different countries, covering a wide range of issues of interest to the Hispanic community. From immigration and economy to fashion and more, our advice columns provide valuable insights that readers often save for future reference. In fact, studies show that our readers have a higher retention rate of our editorial content than other publications, which means your advertisements will be seen multiple times by engaged readers. Contact us today to learn more about how you can reach our loyal and growing audience.

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Reach the rapidly expanding Latino community in Michigan and convert them into loyal customers through advertising in our publication.

Our publication, with more than 22 years of experience reaching the Hispanic community since 2001, offers a unique opportunity for businesses to connect with a targeted audience of Spanish-speaking individuals in a culturally relevant and sensitive way.

Not only is advertising with us cost-effective, but it also helps overcome language barriers and creates brand loyalty among the Latino community. Additionally, our publication is an effective way to reach the local market and demonstrate your company’s commitment to diversity and inclusivity.

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About our Publication

Target: Hispanic / Latino / Mexican / Multicultural
Language: English / Spanish
Minority Controlled: YES
Media Associations: AP

Average # pages per copy: 16-20
Hard-copy circulation: Monthly
Day Distributed: Wed. / Fri.
Pick up rate: 96%

Free publication: 97%
Paid subscription: 1%
Home delivery: 1%
Direct Mail/Free: 1%
Paid newsstand: 0%

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About our Readers

Sex and ages:

Male = 46%
Female = 54%

20-34 yrs old
= 12%
35-54 yrs old = 53%
55+ yrs old = 35%


$0-19K = 2%
$20K-35K = 14%
$36K-49K = 33%
$50K-75K = 21%
$76K-99K = 24%
$100K+ = 6%


62% of readers attended/graduated college.

post graduate.

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Here are 10 benefits of advertising with us:

1. Targeted audience:

With our publication, you can reach a specific demographic of Spanish-speaking individuals who may not be reached through English-language media.

2. Cultural relevance:

Our publication allows you to connect with the Latino community in a way that is culturally relevant and sensitive.

3. Cost-effectiveness:

Our publication can be more cost-effective than advertising in English-language newspapers with a broader readership, as it allows you to reach a targeted audience more efficiently.

4. Language barriers:

We can help overcome language barriers for non-English speaking individuals, making it more likely for them to understand and engage with your product or service. Additionally, most of our readers are bilingual but they prefer to read in their native language, so you can reach a wider audience by advertising with us.

5. Brand loyalty:

Our publication allows you to create brand loyalty among the Latino community by showing that you value and care about their culture and language.

6. Community connection:

By partnering with us, you can demonstrate your company’s commitment to connecting with and supporting the Latino community.

7. Increase brand awareness:

By advertising with us, you can increase brand awareness among the Latino community in Michigan, which can lead to increased sales and customer loyalty.

8. Expand your reach:

Our publication can help expand your reach to a new audience, especially if you are looking to expand your business or entering a new market.

9. Improve customer service:

By advertising with us, you can improve customer service by catering to the language and culture of the Latino community in Michigan.

10. Showcases your diversity and inclusivity:

By advertising with us, you can show that your business is diverse and inclusive, which can be appealing to a wide range of customers, not only the Latino community.


Lazo Cultural

10,000 Printed copies

Hardcopies are distributed in West Michigan in the cities of: Grand Rapids, Wyoming and Kentwood.

Readership multiplier 3.6

36,000 Monthly Readers

La Prensa

12,000 Printed Copies

Hardcopies are distributed in East Michigan in the cities of: Detroit, Blissfield, Dundee, Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti and Adrian. And in North of Ohio in the cities of: Toledo, Perrysburg, Freemont, Findlay, Lima and Defiance.

Readership multiplier 3.6

43,200 ​Monthly Readers

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Our Trusted Partners, Past and Present:

Recognizing the Businesses That Have Worked with Us Over Time.

2024-25 ​Printing calendar, deadlines and editorial focus.

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Discount pricing available based on frequency.



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Q: How often does your paper comes out?

A: Our printed edition is distributed the last Friday of each month. Check our printing calendar.

Q: When should I send my ad?

A: Our deadline is Mondays prior to our publication date by 3:00 PM.

Q: How long have you been in business?

A: We started Lazo Cultural in 2001, but we have been in the print media business since 1991 and on the web since 1997.

Q: How do I pay for my ads?

A: We will send you an invoice by email. From there, you will be able to pay with any major credit card, through ACH, or by mailing in a check. For our frequent advertisers, we e-mail invoices on the first day of each month.

Q: Do you have any discount if i place more than 1 ad?

A: Yes, we have frequency discounts, please contact us.

Q: Should my ad be in English?

A: It depends. If you want to reach bilingual readers you can place it in English, some employment ads are in English since they are looking for bilingual workers. Most of our ads are in Spanish since our readers prefer to get their information in their own language.

Q: Will my ad be featured on your website as well, and is there an additional charge for that?

A: All ads featured in our printed edition will also appear in our digital editions at no extra charge. However, if you're interested in a banner ad on our website, please contact us for more information on pricing.

Q: Can you handle inserts?

A: No. We could and we’ve done it, but we found out that the readers will pick up the paper and then leave the inserts in the place where they picked up the paper, which upsets the business owners that allow us to have our publication in their places because it generates trash for them. However, we can offer you 4 ad sizes in our printed publication or banners in our website.

Q: I can't write in Spanish. Can you help me with my ad?

A: Absolutely! We offer translation services for potential advertisers who want to reach a Spanish-speaking audience. If you're interested, please send us the copy text of your ad, and we will translate it into Spanish for you within 48 hours. If your ad is printed, there is no charge for the translation. However, if you decide not to advertise with us, there will be a translation charge at a rate of 0.10¢ per word. We look forward to helping you reach a wider audience with your message!

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