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Lazo Cultural was founded in 2001 as a division of HispanoUSA, a group dedicated to promoting and developing the Hispanic community in the United States since 1997 through print and online information and publicity. With the expertise of our collaborators in print media in Mexico and the United States, Lazo Cultural became a pioneer in Hispanic media in West Michigan, offering both print and online content to help our advertisers reach a wider audience.

Initially, we focused on entertainment articles, but gradually expanded to include news and articles relevant to the Hispanic community living abroad, with a specific emphasis on supporting the development of their businesses in the United States. Our aim has always been to serve the community more effectively.

At Lazo Cultural, we pride ourselves on our extensive community outreach and service. Our publisher, Luis Garcia, served as a counselor of the Institute of Mexicans Abroad (IME) from 2006 to 2008, elected to represent Mexicans living in Michigan before the Mexican government, reporting directly to two Mexican presidents, Vicente Fox and Felipe Calderon. His task was to present proposals to the Mexican government regarding the needs of Mexicans and their families living abroad, including the creation of programs both in Mexico and in Mexican consulates.

We organized the first Hispanic fashion show in Michigan, featuring the latest trends from our advertisers. We also created Expo Cultural, an event where Hispanic businesses showcased their products and services. We partnered with attorneys who advertise with us to provide free legal clinics to the community and assisted our advertisers with their events and celebrations, including Mother’s Day, Dia del Niño (Mexican Children's Day), Dia de Muertos (Mexican Day of the Dead), Cinco de Mayo, and Dia del Grito (Mexican Independence Day).

We have also worked with the West Michigan Hispanic Center’s Festival and supported the Mexican consulate's mobile consulate program in Michigan and Ohio, helping thousands of Mexicans obtain passports and consular ID cards. Our collaborations with the Institute of Mexicans Abroad have provided several successful programs, including free textbooks and bi-national health weeks. We have also worked with many non-profit organizations to promote their events.

Our dedication to serving the community has been recognized with letters of appreciation, diplomas, and awards.

At Lazo Cultural, our philosophy and ethics are simple: by helping our readers and advertisers achieve success, we will achieve our own. Today, Lazo Cultural is read by Hispanics of all nationalities, but we primarily target the Mexican community, which represents over 80% of the Hispanic population in West Michigan.

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